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Documents and licenses

  • How to conclude an enrolment contract?
    We conclude a contract with each student. For your convenience, this contract is available at Please read it. According to the law, this contract has the same legal force as a printed one. By paying for any course, you agree with the terms of this contract, and thus it is considered to be signed by you.
  • What license does the training center have?

    AMONAG is the name of the platform for learning whereby our training center provides distance learning services. The training center itself has an official state license for educational activities.

    License for educational activity №038379


  • How to make the payment?

    First, click the button “Pay for the full access” in a language course or simply “Pay” in the preview to the other courses in your personal account:


    Then choose a convenient payment method:

    способ оплаты.jpg

Learning process

  • How can I get started?

    1. You can start learning absolutely for free. Study the manual “AMONAG guide” to learn about all the options of the training platform, the functions and learning methods. You will find the manual in your personal account – it’s the first one in the list of courses.

    2. Then pass the test to determine the knowledge level of the studied foreign language, you will find the test on the personal account page.

    3. Click on the "Try it for free" button on the general language course preview icon. Short versions of some books from this course will be available to you. This course contains enough materials to appraise the effectiveness of AMONAG techniques for the fast learning of foreign languages.

    4. You can also pay a full year subscription to a general language course. Support the AMONAG project and get full access to a constantly updated library of multilingual materials for the fast learning of any language ​​offered in the course.

  • How to study?

    Here are some of the most effective learning methods on AMONAG. You can follow these techniques or combine them in a convenient way.


    This method is recommended as the most effective for beginners to learn a foreign language. It makes it easier to learn new vocabulary and phonetics of a foreign language through batchwise presentation of information in the slide.

    It is used to repeat the text out loud presented on slides and also to simply listen to the text in front of you with or without translation.

    There are two modes of the slide show:


    - Manual mode (recommended at the stage of uncertain reading)

    - Automatic mode (for dynamic language skills training)

    How to setup:

    настройки языков.jpg

    1) Select the language you want to study as the first language and the language of translation as the second.


    2) Start the slideshow

    настройки слайдшоу.jpg

    3) In the slideshow settings, select the mode with the translation displayed - for the initial level, or without the translation - for confident reading.

    4) Scroll the slides forward / backward in manual mode. Or, stop and start a slideshow on the spacebar in automatic mode.


    This method is recommended for users with elementary and intermediate levels of a foreign language. It allows you to develop a sense of language. In other words, by reading and comparing two texts in different languages, you gradually begin to understand better the structure of the sentence in a foreign language, the principles of its construction, the ways of using certain parts of speech.

    The method of parallel reading allows you to "learn without studying" - you read an interesting book and at the same time learn a foreign language.

    There are two display modes:

    - Lines

    - Columns

    How to setup:

    типы слайдодв.jpg

    1) Go to the settings of the book and select a comfortable division into slides. Slides of level 1 display sentence after sentence, slides of level 2 display 2-3 sentences at once, slides of level 3 - a whole paragraph.

    текст столбцами.jpg

    2) Select “Text in columns” in the display settings to display translations in parallel columns.

    текст слайдами.jpg

    3) Select “Text slides” in the display settings to see the translation into the second and subsequent languages straight after the sentence


    The method is recommended for quick reading by users with a high level of foreign language knowledge. It allows you to improve language skills through the context displayed without translation in the "Text mono" mode (the translation is displayed when you point at a specific sentence with a mouse).

    How to setup:

    Текст моно.jpg

    1) Select the language you want to study as the first language and the language of translation as the second. Select the “Text Mono” display mode and click “Apply” to save the changes.

    перевод по наведению.jpg

    2) The translation of the sentence will be displayed when you hover over it with a mouse.


    This method is used both as independent and as auxiliary (when used together with the parallel viewing of the text).  The method allows the beginners to put the correct pronunciation before mastering (reading) the new text, as well as reinforces the learned vocabulary and phonetic skills of users of all levels.

    How to setup:

    Текст моно слайд 1.jpg

    1) Select “Slides of level 1” in the display settings for the most comfortable tracking the sentences and the “Text mono” mode


    2) Start audio playback from any sentence by clicking on this sentence first (it will be highlighted with a red underline). Listen and follow the text.

Documents after training

  • What documents do I get after training course?
    After completing a general language course, you can receive a certificate confirming the level of a foreign language. And at the end of all professional courses you’ll get a Diploma of professional retraining.

    Diplomas have a separate insert in English, which corresponds to the European format, therefore it’s possible to work abroad with AMONAG documents.

    A sample of the document that you will receive after your course is posted in your personal account. 

  • How do I get any documents after I finish training?

    You can receive the training document either in the training center or by mail.

    When you pass all the tests of the course, you can order a document on graduation:

    view document.jpg

    1) click on the "See my document on education" button in your Personal account.

    fill you name.jpg

    2) fill in or edit, if necessary, your name and surname in Russian and English.

    The documents on the already completed courses will be presented first.

    order document.jpg

    You can print them out or order the original by mail or receive them personally at an office in Moscow. AMONAG team is always happy to see you in the center of a full-time training at the address: Moscow, metro station VDNKh, 150 Mira Avenue, Cosmos Hotel.

    In the same section of your personal account, you can see what your graduation certificate will look like for courses that you have not completed yet.


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